“BOY IN THE BOX” Joseph Augustus Zarelli Siblings


Before we start this , question arises that who is Joseph Augustus Zarelli? in February 1957, Police found a naked body in a JCPenney box that once contained a bassinet and age was estimated to be between 4 and 6 police said. Investigators saw that he was malnourished and had been beaten to death and wrapped in a flannel blanket. Using genetic genealogy and some old-fashioned detective work, the “Boy in the Box” has finally been identified. On December 8, 2022 Commissioner Danielle Outlaw announced a breakthrough in the case that boy found dead was Joseph Augustus Zarelli.

Joseph Augustus Zarelli SiblingsBoy in the box – Wikimedia Commons

Joseph Augustus Zarelli Siblings

Philadelphia Homicide Captain Jason Smith mentioned that they managed to obtain Zarelli’s birth certificate, which allowed them to identify his birth parents. It was stated by Captain Smith, however, that they do not intend to reveal the names of these individuals at this time.

Police said during a press conference that they will not publicize the boy’s parents at this time out of respect for Zarelli’s siblings, some of whom are still alive.

Homicide Captain Jason Smith” “At this point in time, we are not going to be releasing that information. Joseph has a number of siblings of both the mother and father’s side who are living, and it is out of respect for them that their parents’ information remain confidential,”

“This is still an active homicide investigation, and we still need the public’s help in filling in this child’s story,” Outlaw said. “This announcement only closes one chapter in this little boy’s story, while opening up a new one.” Smith Said.

Joseph Augustus Zarelli Siblings

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Theories About The Boy In The Box

In 2002, a theory emerged in the “Boy in the Box” case involving an anonymous witness known as “M”. She reported that both her mother and father sexually abused her,and that her mother kept the Boy in the basement. M also stated that boy was mentally unstable. In February 1957 According to “M” the Boy in the Box vomited baked beans, which made M’s mother angry and beat boy to death and mother drove herself and disposed of the Boy’s body.


Joseph Augustus Zarelli Siblings

Facial Reconstruction Image of “BOY IN THE BOX”       Wikimedia Commons


Quest 1:Who were the Zarelli family?

Ans: In December, DNA testing revealed that Joseph Augustus Zarelli, is the son of Augustus Zarelli and Mary Abel, who never married.

Quest 2 : Did Joseph Augustus Zarelli have siblings?

Ans: Joseph have siblings from Both his maternal and paternal sides.

Quest 3: Where is the last name Zarelli from?

Ans: The surname Zarelli comes from Southwestern Europe and Italic Europe.

Quest 4: Who is the mother of Joseph Zarrelli?

Ans: His mother name was Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” .




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